Let Us KEEP YOUR PROPERTies in peach perfect  PRESERvation  


At Established Property Preservation, you are our priority and we take care of our priorities. Whatever services you require, whether it’s clean outs, lock changes, recurring grass cuts, or other services needed to convey property. Let us keep your properties in peach perfect preservation.


We specialize in mortgage field service preservation, REO grass and shrub maintenance plus more.

  Whether you’re a bank, asset manager or a home owner having trouble getting around as well as you used to, we can help!

We work with and provide a variety of grass cuts and lawn care services to keep your exterior looking fabulous. No pesticides or fertilizers used.

PROPERTY Maintenance Services

We provide lock changes, window boarding and snow removals for Real Estate Owned properties (REO)

In addition, because REO properties require hazards kept at bay, we will cap open gas lines and exposed wires. We will replace missing outlets switch covers and install missing hand rails etc. We’ll help arrange service partners (sub-contractors) to take care of the bigger construction repairs. 

janitorial and maid Services

Our janitorial and maid services are our bread and butter due to assisting banks and asset managers. We take pride in our quality peach perfect clean. 

Sometimes we find it’s also hard for home owners to keep up with cleaning and daily tasks that take so much of your precious time. If  you need a little help getting regular cleaning done a maid service can have it done for you.

FORECLOSURE CLEAN out/ event services

Asset managers, do you have foreclosed properties that needs cleaned out to convey in 30 days? We can provide quality clean outs.

Winterizations & de-winterizations also  provided. 

 Homeowners, do you have a special event coming up like a holiday event or other occasion that you could use our peach perfect service? We will help  you get your home into great shape ahead of the event.



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our services

At Established Property Preservation, we’re in the business of taking care of REO properties. We work hard providing exceptional peach perfect services for our clients.


Secured properties matter



Lock Changes

 Window Boarding




cutting edge lawn care



                            Grass Cuts
                      Hedge Trimming
                            Tree Trims





Maid Cleanings